On Sat, 4 May 2002, Mantas Kriauciunas wrote:
>  I have hare a little problem. Well i have in the page <TEXTAREA>
>  thingy and there i wrote text like that(between lines):
>  ----------------------
>  foo bar
>  more foo bar
>  ----------------------
>  now i do msql_query("UPDATE............."); and it sets into the
>  database with just space. and when i take it out from database there
>  is no empty line in the middle.

View the source of the page displaying the retrieved data. If the text 
displays on multiple lines there, then you just need to call nl2br() on 
the string to convert internal line breaks to HTML breaks.

If the text does not show line breaks in the source (or when you use the 
mysql CLI to query), then you need to change the parameters of the 
<TEXTAREA>. Probably <textarea wrap="soft"> but I'm not 100% sure offhand.


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