Hey Miguel Cruz,

Got your email on:Sunday, May 05, 2002, 3:29:49 PM writing:

MC> On Sun, 5 May 2002, Mantas Kriauciunas wrote:
>> Hey PHP General List,
>> ok i solwed the problems with line breaks.... but i didn't use
>> nl12br() function. i did like this:
>> $newz = str_replace("\n","<br>",$myrow[3]);
>> now i am having problems with spaces
>> text is:
>> ---------------
>> bla bla bla                                      foo
>> ---------------
>> and shows:
>> ---------------
>> bla bla bla foo
>> ---------------
>> what do i have to do to get all those spaces? as i understand(english
>> is weak) nl12br() is for breaks only. what about spaces?

MC> I think you're going to have a good time with <pre></pre>. You could try
MC> swapping &nbsp; for each space but they're sometimes wider than normal
MC> spaces and I suspect may have other weird side effects as well.

MC> As a print designer in a former life, by the way, the thought of you 
MC> trying to format something with spaces makes my skin crawl. But I'm trying 
MC> to keep my cool.

MC> miguel


well i thought that it would be good to do with spaces.. but when i
researched more..and thought more i decided to leave it alone ;) its
just simple thing...that does not nessasary need spaces :).. thanks
for help everyone..i realy appreciate it.

P.S bad english is also in my way trying to learn

        Have A Nice Day! 
 Mantas Kriauciunas A.k.A mNTKz


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