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<script language="php">
$file = "";
//the above is defined from the url
include "$file";
It could be what I was typing in the url bar.
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Hmm, so you define $file in your url as "foobar.inc" and then, in the
page itself you take change $file to be "".

At least, that's how I'd read it.  I'd suggest, it's not an overly good
idea to include a file like this as someone else has already mentioned.

In any event, your fix would have to be something like this:

<script language="php">

If (!isset($file) || empty($file))
  $file = "some file";
Include "$file" ;


That way you're only going to over-write the contents of $file if it's
already either unset or empty.

CYA, Dave

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