The way you're doing it now, you're first ERASING whatever value passed from
the URL, with


and then trying to use it...

If this ' $file="" '  is some declaration attempt, just drop it, you don't
need to declare variables in PHP. Just check if $file has a value and then
use it.

For example,

if ($file != "")

Hope it helps.


Pedro Alberto Pontes
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
I don't mean to be a pain but could someone send me a working example?

I am what you would probably call a 'newbie'

For those who don't know here is my previous message

 can't seem to define a varible from the url entered into a browser.

I wish to use the following code or something like it.
<script language="php">
$file = "";
//the above is defined from the url
include "$file";
It could be what I was typing in the url bar.

JJ Harrison

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