I use a class to parse a RSS feed, my problem is that when the distant site 
is down my own site is stuck (because my class waits for an answer that 
doesn't come..)
The logical answer is to use a fsockopen before to control the connection.
Reading the doc I see :
int fsockopen ( string hostname, int port [, int errno [, string errstr [, 
float timeout]]])

fsockopen allows to control if the hostname is up and running

My problem is that hostname returns the home page that is in HTML, the page 
that I want is a php page.

HTML page are not often down (only when all the server is down) php pages 
are often down (because mySQL problem or PHP problems)

So I'd like to be able to control if a specific url is OK and not only the 

How can I do that ?

Thanks in advance


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