This is intriguing me, are you opening up excel in a browser window or just
printing out html tables?? I am confused.


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Are you actually sending an excell file, or just data that you expect excell
to format? If your sending a file, then you have to create the grid lines
there. These are HTTP headers that you are talking about, they wouldn't have
any control over excell data.

Nope, it's not an Excel file. It is a PHP file imitating an Excel file,
calling data from the DB and generating the worksheet on-the-fly. I want the
gridlines to display and was hoping that there was something I could put in
the PHP page to make sure that this happens.  I am delivering HTML table(s)
to Excel for parsing, which it does just fine....uh oh...I feel an idea
coming on....let me try adding a border="1" to the table tag....that works!

Thanks for wording it differently, I saw it in a different light and the
answer cam upon me like a Monday morning lightning strike.

Jay Blanchard

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