And I quote, from the [EMAIL PROTECTED] which you posted to no more
than 30 mins ago. Im hoping you dont have the IQ of a fish.

> How can I create a mail account on Linux server with PHP ?

More information is required for that question to be answer (such as what
MTA and MDA are you using and a few others which would give the impression
you dont quite have a grasp on the question your really asking).

In anycase - wrong list. The PHP Developers list is for people who develop
PHP, not with it. I think your after [EMAIL PROTECTED] ... send an
email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] to sign up.

If you choose to pursue the question in that forum, please include the
following information in your question:

 1. Linux Distro & Version
 2. Mail Transfer Agent [MTA] (qmail, sendmail, etc)
 3. Mail Delivery Agent [MDA] (vpopmail, etc)
 4. Your experiance with creating / using unix mail boxes outside of PHP
(eg: how would you go about the problem using shell scripts / command line

This will give the people who try to help a better impression of the
situation and give you more targeted advice.

Dan Hardiker [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
ADAM Software & Systems Engineer
First Creative Ltd

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