>> I'm curious about the same thing.  RedHat 7.2 with default IMAP.
>> > How can I create a mail account on Linux server with PHP ?

If you check the list, you will see a reply from myself with a list of
questions you need to answer for us to begin to help you.

> In general, if people need to ask such a question, then they really are
> not  ready, or do not understand the security implications of creating
> mail  accounts on a server.

I agree with Jason here.

1. An IMAP account != a mail account, thats just a MAA (Mail Access Agent)
which allows you to read mail from a file/dir/storage space on your
machine. I use Courier IMAP for that (using ./Maildir).
2. We need to know your MTA and MDA in order to even begin to help
3. On a "default" RedHat setup you need root access (as in you need give
your php script root access) in order to perform what your asking. If that
doesnt ring alarm bells, please type "halt" at your RedHat console now.

> The first thing you need to ask yourself is why would you want to do
> it?

For the most part, I use these sort of functions from a PHP script to
administrate my system and give customers automated access to modify their
own domains. (This is all done through a MySQL firewall [as in data gets
put into MySQL from the interface, and then read by backend scripts that do
the dirty work - unconnected to the frontend interface for security ...
incase anyone was about to tell me what they think a firewall is])

Although I can't see these two people having the unix know-how in order to
build such a system, let alone securely.

I would make some bitchy underhanded comments about their Mother's and the
local Ameaoba slut relating to their IQ ... but I wont, cuz Im not like
that ;) heh

Jason: what dya recon on people being licensed to be able to run a unix
style operating system? heh Hell lets license people to use computers.

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