Good day,

A friend of mine has been asked to set up a simple website for a third
party, which will be used by visitors to order products.

She has been programming for a little while now, but, she doesn't have much
experience with other web hosting companies (and neither do I, really).  I
know that some hosters provide "shopping cart" programs with their packages,
which would probably make things much easier.  She's also willing to try to
install something PHP-ish (or even in ASP) if that's not an option.

The site wouldn't have a lot of visitors- 1000 a month, tops, so there isn't
much need for a lot of bandwidth.  And, other than this purchasing
interface, their needs are pretty basic, so a low cost is probably the most
important thing.

What would people here recommend?  I know that this question has been asked
before, but her needs are a little bit simpler than the average PHP'er on
this list. =)


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