I'm trying to get the PUT method working on a Apache server running PHP as
Theese are the steps I've taken so far:

- I see in my apache logs that I've got PUT requests  "PUT /path/filename.html
HTTP/1.1" OK
- I've added Script PUT /put.php , And checked so that the requests are beeing
transfered to this function. OK
- I've tried to get the ENV VARS but none show more than the PATH_TRANSLATED
(and it's beeing set) OK
- Checked the vars $PHP_UPLOADED_FILE_NAME and $PHP_PUT_FILENAME But neither
are being set to any tmpfile NOT OK!
- Checked $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA , not set either.

Would'nt it be better to have the PUT valuables in the superglobal $_FILES ?
Or at least in a $HTTP_PUT_FILE var.

If someone could direct me to where I can fine the temporary file, I would be
much obliged!

Theres bugs referring to this as an "non working" function is this so?
- Bug #10383 Receiving an HTTP PUT, rather than sending one 

I propose a solution like the following:

Path of the proposed upload like /mytest/filename.htm

The full path of the proposed upload like

The size, in bytes, of the uploaded file. 

Temp name something like /tmp/hfdhjfufd8733

My only bad is that I cant program in C otherwise I would have been there
doing it already.

/ Jimmy

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