Miguel Cruz wrote:
> On Fri, 10 May 2002, Austin Marshall wrote:
>>>This not only takes care of the table row colors, but also removes 
>>>duplicate company names so it looks MUCH neater this way :))))
>>Is there not a GROUP BY clause in MS SQL?  I'm pretty sure there is.  If 
>>you group the query by company name then you don't have to worry about 
>>duplicate company names... and it will help with performance, since the 
>>db is optimized for that and you don't have to waste PHP to determine if 
>>the row is a duplicate.
> But he's dealing with cases where the company name remains the same but
> other data in the row changes (for instance, a company with multiple
> offices, where you wanted to list the phone number and address for each).
> GROUP BY would discard that other data.
> miguel

Yeah, apparently i wasn't the first to not catch that either.  I realy 
should start paying attention.

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