Re question 2:

You can set this using the php_value command in apache.  I think you need to
have the SAPI version configured for this to work though.  You might want to
check that out.  I have only done this on XP, haven't tried it on linux yet.

<VirtualHost *>
    ServerAdmin [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    DocumentRoot "D:\web\wilson\www"
    ErrorLog "D:\web\blah\logs\error.log"
    CustomLog "D:\web\blah\logs\access.log" common
    php_value include_path "D:\web\blah\includes"

So your www directory would exist within D:\web\blah\www, keeping your
includes safe.  In your php.ini you can leave your includes line blank.

Hope it helps!


Ian Newlands

"1lt John W. Holmes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > To learn more, I put the phpinfo(); function in my document root, and
> > lo and behold, I get this long a gnarly virtual path:
> > /home/virtual/site26/fst/var/www/html/
> > as my document root. So I try:
> > /home/virtual/site26/fst/var/www/rsrcs/.... for my includes, and still
> > can't get to it.
> You've probably got an ensim system, don't you? The host for
> like that and it's a pain. Through ssh, the path to the file is
> /var/www/html/etc..., but like you, we have to use the whole "hidden" path
> /home/virtual/site26/fst/var/www/rsrcs/... That should work for you. What
> kind of error are you getting when you use the entire path?
> > SECOND QUESTION: are there any virtual host gurus who can tell me how to
> > get Apache/PHP to include files from outside of the document root on
> > virtual hosted systems?
> You can use an absolute path, with /home/virtual ... or use a relative
> from the script you're in ../../includes/ etc..
> ---John Holmes...

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