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At 13:29 06/05/02, John Holmes wrote:
> > > He did say he did /not/ want to invoke it from a browser :)
> > I didn't think that PHP could run w/o one though, so my idea was to
>use a
> > text browser, have it run the script, then exit out.  As I said, I was
> > probably wrong ;)
>Actually, that's exactly how it's typically done, using wget or lynx.
>Yes, you can compile a standalone version of PHP and use it directly,
>but most hosts do not have that. So, you add a line to your cron file
>that calls up your PHP script through lynx. Your script shouldn't return
>anything, just do what it has to do, or it should redirect output to a
>file or email. You can use the -dump switch for lynx to dump any output
>that does occur.
>I know he said he did not want to invoke it from a browser, but I think
>he meant that he didn't want to have to physically go to and load up the
>page himself.
>---John Holmes...
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