Yes, it's certainly possible. You will have to talk your host into
giving you remote access though, which could be hard. 

How permissions work in MySQL is that your username is given permission
to connect from a specific host. Generally, the host is listed as
'localhost' meaning the script has to be on the same server as MySQL.
You can also have '%' as your host, meaning you can connect from
anywhere. Or, when your ISP assigns you an IP, the first 2 or 3 octets
are generally the same. So you could put something like '123.123.%' or
'123.123.123.%' in your host. 

You hosting provider, if they're any good, will know all about this.
It's hard to talk people into giving you access, though, because they
are generally pretty paranoid. 

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> Sent: Monday, May 13, 2002 12:05 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Is This Possible? (Database - PHP)
> Hey there guys,
> I have a slight problem which i could not solve via Java servlets and
> that I am migrating to PHP I was wondering if its possible...
> I am hosting with a company that has given me a database (MySql) I am
> using
> the database for all my apps which are only being accessed via my
> servlets....... I want to change that and convert all my servlets to
> Being new to PHP i am sure to make a lot of mistakes and instead of
> uploading my PHP page, getting errors/ redoing it, uploading etc I was
> kinda
> hoping i could connect to the remote database via my local machine?
> I already have PHP installed on my machine..... on the remote host the
> details are
> Localhost
> jimmy*** (Username)
> gunsand***** (Password)
> umace_com (Database name)
> Is this possible?
> Any help and comments appreciated.
> Cheers,
> -Ryan
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