Yup, with "local host" you're not going to be able to access it from a
remote machine (although it's worth asking your host).

Just set up a test machine locally which is as close as possible to what
your host runs (ie Unix, WinNT, whatever), with simular versions of PHP,
Apache, MySQL, etc etc... run all your scripts locally, test, then upload.

Use phpMyAdmin to create a dump of your database for copying between the
local and live server, and you'll be happy.

I'm running a cheap-ass P133 box with FreeBSD, Apache, PHP4.1, MySQL etc
etc, bolted straight into my network... I was also able to install a simular
set-up onto win 95 in about 2-3 hours from scratch for my laptop.

Do your FTP in bulk amounts, and do your testing locally :)


on 13/05/02 11:25 PM, Jochem ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Why don't you install Mysql on your local machine and do your testing ?
> Jochem
> "R" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schreef in bericht
> 000501c1fa4c$8fca8fc0$0a6da8c0@lgwezec83s94bn">news:000501c1fa4c$8fca8fc0$0a6da8c0@lgwezec83s94bn...
>> Hey there guys,
>> I have a slight problem which i could not solve via Java servlets and now
>> that I am migrating to PHP I was wondering if its possible...
>> I am hosting with a company that has given me a database (MySql) I am
> using
>> the database for all my apps which are only being accessed via my
>> servlets....... I want to change that and convert all my servlets to PHP.
>> Being new to PHP i am sure to make a lot of mistakes and instead of
>> uploading my PHP page, getting errors/ redoing it, uploading etc I was
> kinda
>> hoping i could connect to the remote database via my local machine?
>> I already have PHP installed on my machine..... on the remote host the
>> details are
>> Localhost
>> jimmy*** (Username)
>> gunsand***** (Password)
>> umace_com (Database name)
>> Is this possible?
>> Any help and comments appreciated.
>> Cheers,
>> -Ryan
>> /* Whats the difference between the pope and your boss? The pope only
> wants
>> you to kiss his ring! */

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