I have an SQL Server database running on a server on the internet. I 
need to have php connecting to the db and returning values. Simple 
stuff. No problem making the connection and getting data using the mssql 
functions. The weird thing is that 4 of the fields in the table are 
vchar fields of length 800. When getting the data from the db for the 
web page, all that gets returned are the first 255 characters of each 
field. If I use a SQL client to check the db, I see that all 800 
characters are there. And if I use ASP pages I can get all 800 
characters returned on the web page, but using php only gets the first 
255. I used some php column length functions on the page and it shows 
those 4 fields as length 255.(??)
Am I missing something? Does php have a limit on the number of 
characters returned from a field? I can use ASP to write the pages I 
guess, but I don't know why php wouldn't work.


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