I've gotten some very good answers from the knowledgable 
people on this list so I thought I would ask a question that I've been 
wondering about and maybe other people have too.  I'm running a Linux 7.2 
server with MySQL, Php 4.20 and Apache 1.3.24. I followed some instructions 
and copied each into /usr/src and installed all three into /usr/local.  I 
used Apache 1.3.24 because I needed frontpage extensions.  I'm now curious 
about Apache 2.0.36.  Can I have two installations of Apache  both with 
MySQL and php support? If so do I have to compile MySQL and PHP over again 
for the second installion of Apache? I know I'll have to change the port 
number on the second Apache installion. What I'm wondering is has anyone 
done this and, if so, what steps you used to accomplish this.

TIA - Frank

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