Yes, I have both 1.3.24 and 2.0.36 installed - both with the PHP4.2.0 mod
compiled. You simply compile and install both servers and the compile modphp
for each server (i.e. once with --with-apxs and once with --apxs2) abd
that's all there is to it.

I'm running FreeBSD 4.5 btw, but I don't see how how situation would require
anything different.



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> All,
>                  I've gotten some very good answers from the knowledgable
> people on this list so I thought I would ask a question that I've been
> wondering about and maybe other people have too.  I'm running a Linux 7.2
> server with MySQL, Php 4.20 and Apache 1.3.24. I followed some
> and copied each into /usr/src and installed all three into /usr/local.  I
> used Apache 1.3.24 because I needed frontpage extensions.  I'm now curious
> about Apache 2.0.36.  Can I have two installations of Apache  both with
> MySQL and php support? If so do I have to compile MySQL and PHP over again
> for the second installion of Apache? I know I'll have to change the port
> number on the second Apache installion. What I'm wondering is has anyone
> done this and, if so, what steps you used to accomplish this.

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