i'm working on a win2k server running php 4.1.1  accessing MSSQL server 2000 
on a win2k server.

i've got a problem with a table that has 'real' numbers in it.

<database snippet>
code    inventory     name
PRC01   2.33          Prince Brand Chips
FCA13   9.9999934E-2  Frozen Calamari
</database snippet>

when i
mssql_query("select * from products");
or, more specifically
mssql_query("select inventory from products where code = 'FCA13'");

BOOM!  php crashes, and i get a pop-up window in MSIE that says, "IE cannot 
open the site ......  the connection with the server was reset"


mssql_query("select * from products where code = 'PRC01'");
works like a charm.....

granted 9.9999934E-2 isn't an actual number for inventory, it should be 0.10 
.  BUT, i can't help that.  my application is not the only one that uses 
this data.

this happens with various numbers that have high precision.

anyone run into this before?  any suggestions?

thanks VERY much in advance,


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