This might help:

I have a php file in my doc root called email.php.  Instead of linking an
email address with <A HREF="mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]";>, I link it like this:

<A HREF="email.php?to=justin&">Justin French</a>

(Actually I do it with a function, but for clarity sake, I'll leave the
above in place).

email.php isn't a HTML page, it's a small script which sends a mailto:
header to the browser:

<? // email.php

    $_GET['to'] = "info";

    $_GET['domain'] = "";

$to = $_GET['to'];
$domain = $_GET['domain'];

$email_address = $to."@".$domain;

// send email header to page
header ("Location: mailto:$email_address";);


As you can see, there are defaults in there, so if they link to
email.php?to=justin, the default domain will be used, and vice-versa for a
missing "to", or both missing.

I tested it in a few browsers, and the original page was not refreshed... an
email window popped up in outlook express, just as it would with a regular
mailto: link, and everything works fine.

This prevents spiders hunting for mailto:something in your pages.  Other
spiders might look for anything that looks like an email address, so I'd
recommend not having regular email address' anywhere:

<A HREF="email.php?to=justin&">Justin French</a>

instead of

<A HREF="email.php?to=justin&">[EMAIL PROTECTED]</a>

I've seen some simular stuff where the users put in something like a space
around the @ to make it harder for the spiders to find the text too, but I
dunno if this is that reliable:

<A HREF="email.php?to=justin&">justin @</a>

Of course the other option is to strip every email address from your site,
and put in a "contact us" form.

Justin French

on 14/05/02 12:07 PM, David McInnis ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I have been running a newswire service since 97 and recently noticed an
> increase in the number of people flipping our site to harvest email
> addresses contained in the news releases posted on our site. (
> I am running apache and php on a linux box.  Can anyone suggest
> something that I can implement that would block users who are harvesting
> data from our site?  I do not mind legit users from using this data, but
> the flippers are chewing up my bandwidth and db resources.
> I also want to be careful to not block valid search engine spiders from
> indexing our site.
> David McInnis

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