On Tuesday 14 May 2002 13:32, Gerard Samuel wrote:
> Im running php 4.1.2 on a test box, and Im doing some recoding on an
> application Im writing.
> The new version, I intend be be compliant with php new $_* global arrays.
> But I dont want to waste time redoing the old version, so I tried setting
> ini_set('register_globals', 1);

Well if you read the manual you would know that register_globals cannot be set 
at run-time.

> at the top of the main config file that all the scripts access (so that
> I can have it around).
> But the scripts are broke even with the ini_set call.
> Is there something else I can do so I can have the old scripts work
> while php is has register_globals off.

As you're running your own server, set it in php.ini

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