I was doing some fooling around with the ini_set() function and noticed that 
my scripts stopped functioning altogether (produced blank output). 
Furthermore, I checked to make sure we actually used a php.ini file and found 
that we do not. My question is: When using ini_set() without a php.ini file 
being present does it set all the wouldbe php.ini settings to nothing, making 
previously relied upon settings non-existent? Some of things I was trying are 

 ini_set('include_path', '.:..:../..:' . DIR_WS_INCLUDES);
 tug_ini_set('error_log', FILENAME_PHP_ERROR_LOG);
 tug_ini_set('log_errors', PHP_LOG_ERRORS);
 tug_ini_set('display_errors', PHP_DISPLAY_ERRORS);
 tug_ini_set('track_errors', PHP_TRACK_ERRORS);

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