Usually software uses a specific serial number format, rather than a remote 
database of valid numbers. for instance, the fifth character must be the 
third % tenth. Something like that. 3HH5R could be random, and E59VB and 
7SX99 would be determined by a complex algorithm operating on the five 

This is why when you enter an incorrect key, it can easily be recognized- and 
why keygens work ;)

On Monday 13 May 2002 21:13 pm, Alvin Tan wrote:
> Hi All,
> This is not really a PHP question, but seeing that the final application
> will be in PHP, I figured this'll be the best place to start.
> I have a client who wants to release a unique PIN for each product they
> sell which works as a key to get more goodies on the website. How/where can
> I get a large number of PINs, much like a software key (e.g.
> 3HH5R-E59VB-7SX99 or similar)?
> @lvin

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