David J Jackson wrote:
> Is my hosting company trying to "pull the wool over my eyes"?
> There response to upgrading to 4.2.1, was that it isn't
> compatible with Zind optomizer 1.20?
> The only *issue* I seen with 4.2.x is of course register_globals!
> (which of course be changed in php.ini)
> I don't  have a problem with them holding off, but I do have a
> problem with them trying to "blow smoke up my ***".

Dunno for certain, but it's entirely possible.  If you followed
the ZO stuff, you'll notice that it's pretty picky about
what versions it works with.  IIRC, it didn't used to be uncommon
for the ZO to lag at least a few days behind PHP releases,
and I wouldn't be surprised if that's still the case.

Michael Kimsal

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