Basically, the Zend Engine is kind of like a macro scripting engine that PHP 
runs on top of. You can actually remove the Zend Engine and use it in other 
applications, like a macro engine for a work processing app, for instance.

The Zend Optimizer isn't a part of the Zend Engine or PHP; it's an extension 
that you can download from It isn't part of the standard PHP 
build or distribution.

To duplicate the error I posted, get PHP 4.2.1 and the Zend Optimizer. 
Install both, then follow the directions that accompany the ZO to enable 
the Optimizer. (It basically involves making a few changes to your php.ini 
file -- I believe the ZO setup script does this for you now.)

After installing, start up PHP from a shell and you should get the error. If 
you're using PHP with a web server, check the server's error log.


David Jackson wrote:

> J --
> Thanks your reply, I 'm a little confused as to the relationship between
> PHP and Zend?
> I thought all request were processed by Zend? Or is Zend Optimizer
> something different from
> Zend that built as part of PHP4.2.x? Who would a duplicate the error
> below on my Linux box.
> Thanks for your time.
> David

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