Jay Blanchard wrote:
The burning issue that begs to be answered is, why reinvent the wheel?
There is a least a dozen blogs on freshmeat for PHP along... 
Unless your doing it just for kicks, which is OK.


> [snip]
>  > I want to try to find the hour that has the most hits
>  > The day of the week that has the most hits
>  > and the max and ave  no of hits of these.
> I haven't given it a whole lot of thought but I'd be tempted to dump the
> whole thing into an appropriately structured sql database and then use
> SELECT's to extract the information you want.  It'll likely end up
> faster and less processor intensive than doing it in php by itself I
> suspect.
> [/snip]
> +1
> Not only that, but then you will have the ability to create queries for
> other important factors in the logs without having to recode, or create
> code.
> Jay

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