I've done some research on this and I'm a bit baffled as to why I can't get 
to work. I have two machines I've tried this on, and neither one wants to compress 
anything. The
machines are RH 7.1 and 7.2, both running Apache 1.3.24 and PHP 4.2.0, though I 
couldn't get it
working with earlier versions of both apps either.

The error_log for Apache is telling me:
  PHP Fatal error:  Cannot use both zlib.output_compression and
  output_handler together!! in Unknown on line 0

The pertinent areas of php.ini read like so:
  output_buffering = Off
  output_handler = ob_gzhandler
  zlib.output_compression = On

Also, if I leave all this stuff off, and I try to call it from a script:


I look in the zlib area of phpinfo and zlib.output_compression is off both locally and 
However this generates no errors that I can find, though I could be looking in the 
wrong place :-)

My compile options are simple, just:

Zlib is version 1.1.3 according to phpinfo. My web browser, if it matters, is I.E. 6.0 
running on 2K
with SR2. Everything else seems to be running fine on this machine; I even got Zend 
working for once! Any ideas?


# Nathan

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