> That's exactly what you need :) Have some core functions that are remotely
> accessed.
> for example:
> $result =
> Then at www.myserver.com the square_root.php file would contain:
> <?
>   echo sqrt($input);
> ?>
> Does anyone see any flaws in this?

As long as you realize that any method like this is just going to be
retrieving a string, basically. You don't get any PHP code back, you just
get the results of the PHP code. So in your example, you get a one
dimensional array with $result[0] = 2.

I don't see any benifit of doing it this way. What do you expect to recieve
back that they can't duplicate on their end? Whatever you recieve back is
probably going into an IF statement, so they just remove the condition and
say if(1), or put their own condition in...

---John Holmes...

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