Thanks for the link. Everything there makes sense, and I'm not sure if I
need to turn register_globals on to make this work. Is there a way to get


Without turning register_globals on? Oh, and I am doing this from within a
class. I'm guessing I could do it outside of the class and pass it into the
constructor, but I'd prefer to just get it inside the constructor if
possible... Essentially I am just trying to find out from whereon the
filesystem the script is being called initially.

Thanks for the patience and help.

> On Wed, 15 May 2002, Weston Houghton wrote:
>> Ok, makes sense based on previous threads I have gleaned over. Can you point
>> me to any reading material that fills in the details on all of this though?
>> Would like to know more about why I am doing this, and if I should change my
>> coding based on how PHP is progressing.
>> Thanks!
>> Wes
>>> Turn on register_globals in your php.ini file and things should start
>>> working again.
>>> On Tue, 14 May 2002, Weston Houghton wrote:
>>>> All,
>>>> I've recently upgraded from 4.1.2 to 4.2.0. And of course my script has
>>>> stopped working. I know a lot with the globals has changed, but to be
>>>> honest, I am not sure how or why. Can anyone give me an initial lead as to
>>>> what I should look for first?
>>>> I know I use the following elements:
>>>> $PHP_SELF
>>>> I can't believe it is $PHP_SELF. What should I be wary of when using PHP
>>>> Environment vars like: $_SERVER["PATH_TRANSLATED"]

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