Weston Houghton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Apache will actually return the directory listing of the assets/
> directory (assuming you have directory listing enabled, otherwise it
> returns the standard forbidden error). It does not seem to matter
> what the actual variable name following the "?" is. However,

Both URLs display the images as expected from here.

> shouldn't apache ignore anything following the "?" as it should
> really just be a part of the query string variables?

If you are requesting a static resource (e.g. an image file) Apache will
ignore the query string.

> This really seems to be buggering my attempt at passing directories in
> variables, but it seems that a lot of scripts must do this, am I just
> doing something stupid?

I gave the same answer when you asked on the httpd mailing list. Have I
misunderstood your problem?


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