I have been using some simple session management for some of my pages.  I am
inquiring about the use of transparent session id usage.  I have read the
manual and I am still a little confused on how to go about using it.

I did run phpinfo() to make sure that trans-id was enabled.  It outputed:
    session.use_trans_id    [local value] 1        [master value] 1

I am assuming that this means it is enabled.  Now my question is how do I go
about using a trans-id?  I've seen session id appended to the URL (i.e.
this.php?PHPSESSID=a2604374903c616c9cd34e13c0ceed98), but would like to use
it without disclosing the session id in the URL.  If anyone could give me
some sample code to help me alleviate the confusion, it will be greatly

I am using PHP 4.1.2 compiled as CGI on Windows NT 4.0

Joshua E Minnie/CIO
"Don't work for recognition, but always do work worthy of recognition."

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