On Thursday 16 May 2002 00:04, Joshua E Minnie wrote:
> I have been using some simple session management for some of my pages.  I
> am inquiring about the use of transparent session id usage.  I have read
> the manual and I am still a little confused on how to go about using it.
> I did run phpinfo() to make sure that trans-id was enabled.  It outputed:
>     session.use_trans_id    [local value] 1        [master value] 1
> I am assuming that this means it is enabled.  Now my question is how do I
> go about using a trans-id?  I've seen session id appended to the URL (i.e.
> this.php?PHPSESSID=a2604374903c616c9cd34e13c0ceed98), but would like to use
> it without disclosing the session id in the URL.  If anyone could give me
> some sample code to help me alleviate the confusion, it will be greatly
> appreciated.

The whole point of transparent session id is that it doesn't rely on cookies 
being set on the client browser. Thus it /has/ to propagate the session id 
via the URL and through hidden values in forms. Both of these happens 

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