Miguel Cruz wrote:

> all the power of DOS batchfiles. Every single thing you want to do - even
> basic filesystem operations like working with directories and file
> permissions!!! - requires purchasing expensive and buggy .COM components
> from nasty little companies with horrible documentation and nonexistent
> customer service. I consider it an incredibly developer-hostile
> environment (unless you're in the business of developing developer tools,
> which seems to be the lynchpin of the ASP ponzi scheme).

As much as I'm not a fan of ASP (2 or 2.5, not worked with 3 much),
I'd have to say that you could definitely at least read a directory's
contents without having to purchase external libraries.  Please don't
go overboard.

Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't have to be a C programmer to
write PHP extensions that you could distribute to others (whether
for profit or not)?  I certainly think so, but it's currently not
possible right now.  All those "nasty little companies" you mention
are making some money because they can program VB, wrap up stuff
as DLLs, and sell them.  They see a need in the ASP community and
address it, while being able to make some money too.  What a novel

> Your choices are your own, but it's always seemed to me that it makes more 
> sense to be focus on being really good at something fun, than to spread 
> out to things that every other loser is already doing. 

It's all perspective.  I'm not saying everyone who does PHP is a loser,
but I have met more than a few losers who happen to work in PHP.  Same
with every other language.

> Insofar as it can 
> be said about a programming language, PHP is actually fun - in a way that 
> only Perl seems to match (though Perl is certainly a more frustrating kind 
> of fun).
> As for .NET, I thought I just read that Microsoft was pulling everything 
> in for a rethink because of all the negative reactions it was getting.

Where the heck did you read that?  Do you know what .NET is?
Glad that you do, because most other people don't - there really
isn't a good definition, so it's hard to say someone 'pulled everything 
in'.  What MS has done is retarget the 'hailstorm' service to
corporate intranets looking to do internal authentication as opposed
to a public authentication system.  Hardly retracting .NET from
the scene.

There's a lot of interesting concepts in the .NET codebase out there now 
(ASP.NET webforms, for example) as well as other platforms
(Java springs to mind).  Just because it's "not PHP" shouldn't mean
you ignore it or worse yet, publicly denigrate it.

Michael Kimsal

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