For me personally I find working with ASP & .NET to be a pain in the butt,
yeah sure you can to use all the fancy GUI's that can take care of some code
for you etc..  but then there's the argument about php and having to write
the code your self.  Personally I find that a better approach as for me it's
all about learning and achieving because at the end of the day you can sit
back and look at it and go wow I did that from scratch  from line 1 of code

Basically it all comes down to personal preference.  I'm coming from a back
ground which doesn't include much programming at all (which can  be seen by
some of the dumb q's i've posted in here...) and I guess that using
something with a prodominately (think that's how it's spelt) gui workings
and that takes care of alot of code for me should be more appealing  but
it's not .... any way basically YOU have to decide what's best for you and
that your happy with the choices that you've made as in the end it's you
that's got to live with them.

& that's my 2 cents


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I know I'll get mauled big-time on this mailing list but I'm thinking
about putting PHP on hold for a while and learning ASP.NET

I love PHP and open-source computing but if one wants to get a job in
web development, you'll have a much better time find a job with both PHP
and ASP (among others) skills.

I'm going to hop on the ASP bandwagon but I'm not sure if I should
first learn ASP w/ VB or w/ C#

Any thoughts on this?  What are the pros and cons of both?


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