Hi all,
firstly: i know nowt about search engines/crawlers spiders really.
i'm giving users fake sub-domains i.e
www.username.mysite.com gets redirected to www.mysite.com/users/sites/username via 
mod_rewrite/wildcard dns
so i'm wondering if search engines will have any trouble indexing those sites.
i was talking to an 'internet consultant' who
has a flash red sports car and earns about 5 times more than me and he said i should 
look into this.
i would have thought that server-side redirects are no problem for crawlers.
i set up a google adwords thingy for one of the sites and it
worked for a while but now they've come back to me saying the url 
doesn't work when it clearly does.i've asked the google folks about this and am 
waiting for them to get back.
was just wondering if anyone had experience of this sort of thing.

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