You have to have an account with either one.  Payflow or CyberCash is just a
card swiper on the Internet.  An acquiring bank is still needed.


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Hi Guys,
Special greetings to all of you who have helped me in the past.

As some of you know i just bought a PHP book called "Php Blackbook" which i
heard is really good.
Anyway, In chapter 4 it talks about credit cards....and then CyberCash which
is owned by verisign and payflow which too is owned by verisign. The book
also gave me some url and RFCs to look up.
I dont know if its coz i'm a newbie to PHP or just dumb but I just cant
understand this...its too damn high funda for me,
I know google is my pal so I went there, read up on differient RFCs and got
even more confused!

I just want to know have any of you worked on these systems? eg CyberCash
and PayFlow?
Does this mean that if i want to start accepting credit cards on my site i
wont have to pay for a credit card merchant account?

PLEASE HELP if you know the answer or can offer any suggestions,comments

Have a great day,
/*If you see me getting beated up by the cops, put down the camera and come
and help me! */

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