Analysis & Solutions wrote:
 > On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 10:27:50AM -0400, Analysis & Solutions wrote:
 >>> Does this mean that if i want to start accepting credit cards on my
 >>> site i wont have to pay for a credit card merchant account?
 >> You betcha.
 > Oh, Dear!  I didn't see the "wont" in there on the second line.  I
 > thought you were asking if you have to get an account.  So, I answered
 > affirmatively.
 > As other have stated, you need to get (and pay for) accounts in order to
 > process cc's online (or anywhere, for that matter).

There are services that let you accept credit cards without going through
the trouble and expense of getting a merchant account.

The one I use is called CCNow (  Their only restriction is 
that you must be selling something physical (eg not weekly access to your 
site or downloadable software).  They take something like 8% to cover their 
costs and mail you checks for the rest.

I had a merchant account and online CC processing service before this, and 
the cost was over $250/month for all the crap.  If you're low to medium 
volume, then commission based services like CCNow (I'm sure there are many 
others) are a viable way to go.


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