Just wondering what would cause the following:
I have a 512/128 cable connection through my ISP that I'm hosting my 
sites through. I have a 10gb/mo transfer limit (u/l and d/l) so when I 
saw mention of the ob_gzhandler (and mod_gzip for Apache), that kind of 
got me interested in it.

Anyway, I created a test page, put -just- <?php ob_start(); ?> at the 
top, then some lines of HTML, and loaded it. I got all the HTML code 
displayed - shouldn't I have gotten a white screen since I had no <?php 
ob_flush(); ?> tag at the bottom? This isn't making sense. Then I tried 
<?php ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); ?> and <?php ob_flush(); ?> at the 
bottom - same results.

Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn't the ob_start() by itself just 
load all output into a buffer and not display it until I call ob_flush
()? And how would I know if ob_gzhandler works? I'm running PHP and 
Apache on Windoze, PHP is version 4.2.0 I think, Apache is 


Jason Soza

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