> So, anybody out there have PHP installed on their local home 
 > desktop Mac OSX box able to test by a quick "preview in 
 > browser" from say an app like BBedit?

I went to:


I entered the following into their dinky little search box:

mac osx apache mysql php installer

I got a total of 333 matches.  The first one is an article on
www.faqts.com about how to install php/mysql/apache on Mac OSX, the
thire is a pre-built binary for MySQL.

Google also asked if I actually meant to search for:

mac os x apache mysql php installer

So I clicked on that link and it resulted in 3600 matches.  The first
page of which included more matches which look relevant.

So, yes, it's possible.

A little research, and I feel I must stress the _LITTLE_ part, would
have you your answer.

CYA, Dave

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