I haven't jumped ship to OSX yet (still on OS9), but I believe it's not far
away...  However, I don't know if I'd put my test server on the same box...
time will tell, but I prefer having my old clunker P133 box under the desk
running the same OS / Apache version / PHP version / MySQL version as but
ISP... it makes migrating from the test environment to the live environment
sooooo easy.

If you can't get everything running on OSX, seriously look at an old Pentium
with either a windows or unix based OS.

As far as local testing, I have file-sharing set-up between the mac and the
unix box, so I save my files directly into the doc root (no FTP :)) and
command-tab across to my browser and hit reload.

I'm pretty sure you won't be able to hit "preview in browser" because PHP
has to be parsed by the server (http://localhost/dir/dir/file.php), rather
than as a file (file:///path/to/file.php).

Good luck,


on 18/05/02 3:03 AM, Marcus James Christian ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

> Hello,
> I love PHP but I haven't gotten deep into it because of the issue of
> needed to upload it to my hosts server to test it.
> I'd love to get REALLY good with PHP, advanced shopping cart stuff, DB
> etc.  but I just know the way my mind works and unless its a simple one
> click to test it on my desktop,  well you know.
> So, anybody out there have PHP installed on their local home desktop Mac
> OSX box able to test by a quick "preview in browser" from say an app
> like BBedit?
> -Marcus
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