I want to say right from the beginning that there is a better way of doing
this, but this will work :)

Just keep track of what the user has thrown so far and do a check on it.. So
that if it's less than 45% change the flip to what the user picked.. If that
will put it over 45% then make it opposite what the user picked..  This will
let the user win very close to 45% every single time.

Or you could do a weight scale.. To make the average user win 45% of the
time instead each user.. So:

Grab a random number between 1 and 100;

If ($number >=1 && $number <=45) $user = 'Wins!' // num between 1 and 45
If ($number >=46 && $number <=100) $user = 'Loses!' // num between 46-100

So basically the user has a 45% chance of winning while the operator has a
55% chance :)

I know there are better ways, but this will give you an idea :)


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> From: "Randy Johnson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 01:07:53 -0400
> Subject: [PHP] virtual coin toss 55%
> I was surfing the internet today and found a site that offered a coin toss
> game in PHP.    The site claimed that it used the latest and most random
> computer algorithms to do the Coin Toss.
> In the next line it said that you (the player) would win 45% of the time.
> I would like opinions how somebody could offer a 50/50 coin toss game and
> gurantee a 45%   win  ratio for the player
> The idea of game programming is appealing,  but I have no idea how you would
> gurantee that the player wins 45% of the time and the operators win 55% of the
> time.
> Thanks in advance
> Randy

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