On Friday 12 April 2002 13:07, Randy Johnson wrote:
> I was surfing the internet today and found a site that offered a coin toss
> game in PHP.    The site claimed that it used the latest and most random
> computer algorithms to do the Coin Toss.
> In the next line it said that you (the player) would win 45% of the time.
> I would like opinions how somebody could offer a 50/50 coin toss game and
> gurantee a 45%   win  ratio for the player
> The idea of game programming is appealing,  but I have no idea how you
> would gurantee that the player wins 45% of the time and the operators win
> 55% of the time.

As with most gambling, the odds are rigged in favour of the house. What they 
are saying is every $1 you give them they give you back 90 cents ?!? Sounds 
like a good deal to me ;-)

BTW your clock is slow by a month or so.

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