I have a client with an Excel file of products / prices / etc.  For
arguments sake, let's keep it simple:


if they were to export this as a CSV, then it could be used to update a
mysql table (for existing ID's), and to insert any new ID's.

So, I guess what I'm after is a group of functions which parse a CSV file,
and update a MySQL table to match... rather than messing around in a web
based GUI, the client could just upload a new CSV every couple of days.

I've checked out fgetcsv() etc, and I *think* i've got a picture of how the
code would look, but before I start, I figure a set of functions probably
already exists out there to do this... so why reinvent the wheel????

If anyone can point me to a URL, class, function, article, etc, I'd be
pretty happy :)

Justin French

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