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Hi - I don't know whether I'm looking in the right place for information,
but I figured it couldn't hurt. We have our website hosted at a place that
uses PHP. We have several forms that users submit information to us with.
Just lately the email that we receive is completely unreadable. Here's a
sample (note that the first line is OK, and usually is):

Gwen Fremonti at Yew Creek Institute submitted the
followEnsڶhs׫s?n- <r?Oz5q
-(TsSjP++.8{mLk-mz~9ͼQ0.  nPAin ifomaio:
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Eai PF:Ye
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Prvie emorryliene:Ye
Sppy rouc mdi: C:Elctonc
Aditonl nfrmtin:May,I m esin tisfom.I no tisisal gbbrih,bu cul yu leselok t
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lar t d te crptprgrmmnghe on am slf)
Liene gremnt ###
am: we Femnt
oman nme Yw rek nsitte
Adrss 750 BueMontinLae Cotae roe,OR
942 Uitd taesofAmria
Phnenube: 54) 67388

 I know that the company recently moved our site to a new server and at the
same time upgraded all of their software, and I'm fairly certain that this
problem started right after that. Does anyone have any idea what could be
causing this, or whether it's even related to the mail script?

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