I'm not subscribed to the list because I'm not a "real" PHP user or
developer (yet!), but I found this newsgroup on php.net and it allowed me to
post anyway. I'm just trying to see whether I can help track down a problem.
If anyone has any suggestions, could you please cc me on a response?

Gwen Fremonti
"Gwen Fremonti" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> (cross-posted to php.dev)
> Hi - I don't know whether I'm looking in the right place for information,
> but I figured it couldn't hurt. We have our website hosted at a place that
> uses PHP. We have several forms that users submit information to us with.
> Just lately the email that we receive is completely unreadable. Here's a
> sample (note that the first line is OK, and usually is):
> Gwen Fremonti at Yew Creek Institute submitted the
> followEnsڶhs׫s?n- <r?Oz5q
> LDOD""t4M7z{^svn
> -(TsSjP++.8{mLk-mz~9ͼQ0.  nPAin ifomaio:
> Prdut am: esryt/DI
> rouc VrsonNube: .#.#
> omutr peatngSyte: C:Widos T/00
> ririy:48hors
> Eai PF:Ye
> pdtesotwre Ys
> Prvie emorryliene:Ye
> eranntliene:####
> Sppy rouc mdi: C:Elctonc
> Aditonl nfrmtin:May,I m esin tisfom.I no tisisal gbbrih,bu cul yu leselok
> hevCrdatacedtoth milmesae ndtel e hehe al heinoratonapeas o e hee,an
> ifomaio i te ots ied ppar t b tunatd?Thnk, we. Wh i raly ic o tisan wnt t
> lar t d te crptprgrmmnghe on am slf)
> Liene gremnt ###
> am: we Femnt
> oman nme Yw rek nsitte
> Adrss 750 BueMontinLae Cotae roe,OR
> 942 Uitd taesofAmria
> Phnenube: 54) 67388
>  I know that the company recently moved our site to a new server and at
> same time upgraded all of their software, and I'm fairly certain that this
> problem started right after that. Does anyone have any idea what could be
> causing this, or whether it's even related to the mail script?

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