I'm in charge of setting up a web site/community for a non-profit group. We 
are looking for a few key features: weblog, forums, a calendar, possibly 
web-mail (not all of these need to be offered in the same package, of 
course). Other features may be added as time goes on. To start with, I'm 
focusing on the weblog. I've been browsing around & come accross several: 
PHPSlash, PHPNuke, PostNuke, Thatware, and of course Slash...

Whichever package I use must be stable for a low to moderate volume production 
site, have reasonably simple administration (some moderator-level admins may 
be non-techical), a high degree of aesthetic customizability, and it must be 
stable. As a user, I am very partial to the features offered by Slash 2.0. 
but not being a Perl guy, would much prefer something PHP based. In addition, 
anyone who has ever attempted to install Slash knows that there are few 
programs that have more absurd requirements (They strongly recommend that you 
recompile MySQL, PERL, and Apache to run it. Oh, yeah, they also do not 
recommend you run PHP on the same site...)

What have you had luck with? What hasn't worked out? I like Slash, but is it 
worth the hassles?


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