On Wed, 22 May 2002, Stephen Tredrea wrote:
> I'm trying to put together an architecture for a web environment and
> have a newbie question regarding PHP and application servers...
> I have decided to use Apache and MySQL running on Linux, using PHP for
> server side scripting. Were does an application server fit into this and
> is it necessary? I know that if I had chosen to use ColdFusion for my
> scripting environment that this is an application server but I don't
> know where one fits in with PHP, Apache and Linux.

The application server model doesn't work that well with PHP. At best 
performance it integrates fairly tightly with the web server (Apache, 

How much you need to think about this depends on the type of application 
you're planning for. It's quite likely that buzzword compliance won't 
really get you anything and can be safely ignored.


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