When referring to an application server many times people are refereeing
to a server that is running something like J2EE or EJBs or .NET with
XML.  They are actual applications running behind a web server.  Some
examples are BEA, WebSphere, or Jonas for Java apps.  I have no idea
about .net, not into that...
If you are looking for a good Java one I suggest Jonas which is open
source (free) and is fairly decent.  I have used it for running
applications with apache and tomcat running together...
The Java apps with Jonas need to have something handle the web front-end
which is Tomcat for apache....


Ray Hunter 

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Subject: [PHP] Servers, servers and more servers

I'm trying to put together an architecture for a web environment and
have a newbie question regarding PHP and application servers...
I have decided to use Apache and MySQL running on Linux, using PHP for
server side scripting. Were does an application server fit into this and
is it necessary? I know that if I had chosen to use ColdFusion for my
scripting environment that this is an application server but I don't
know where one fits in with PHP, Apache and Linux.
Thnx, Stephen

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