And why not use AES, which is an industry standard and having 
being proven as the best encryption algorithm in recent times?

As far as ECB mode is concerned, I dont know what problems you are 
talking about.  I'm aware that the data gets encrypted in 
independed blocks and its easier to crack it, but its faster than 
other modes.


On Wed, 22 May 2002 John Horton wrote :
>why use AES? Blowfish can have a 448 bit key size! Also, why use 
>ebc mode
>with all the problems which come with it?
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> From: Vinod Panicker [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>Sent: 22 May 2002 10:06
>To: Jimmy Lantz
>Subject: Re: RE: [PHP] Mcrypt: Blowfish or Twofish or no fish? 
>part 3
>There is no use of hashing in file-encryption except to use it 
>a check - to see if the decrypted file matches the original 
>To do this check, you can use either MD5 or SHA1.  The choice 
>If ur looking for a good encryption algorithm, you might want 
>consider AES (Rijndael).  It supports encryption using 
>key sizes as well as all modes.
>You can take your pick from ECB / CBC also.  For binary file
>encryption, i would recommend ECB mode.  For text files, it 
>be better that you use CBC mode.
>On Wed, 22 May 2002 Jimmy Lantz wrote :
> >
> >
> >>I believe that twofish has been successfully broken, so use
> >>blowfish
> >>instead. Typically, for encrypting files you will use an
> >>algorithm like
> >>blowfish in cbc mode (as opposed to ebc mode) but I don't 
> >>if Mcrypt
> >>supports this. Also, when creating the hash of the file, it 
> >>probably best
> >>to use SHA-1 instead of MD5, as there appears to be some 
> >>with MD5
> >>over it's compression function.
> >>HTH
> >>JH
> >
> >It helps :)
> >I have been looking into Blowfish with cbc mode :)
> >If I use SHA-1 it's still no way to dehash it during 
> >of the file,
> >so I fail to see the use of Hashing in fileencryption.
> >Could someone enlighten me?
> >/ Jim
> >
> >
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