I always hate mentioning this 'cause I feel like an attention whore or 
something, but nevertheless, I can't get the thing tested thouroughly 
without a bit of whoring...

I've been working on a crypto extension for PHP for a while now, and since 
you guys seem into the crypto thing, you might like to check it out. It's 
not really meant to be a replacement for mcrypt/mhash or anything, just as 
an alternative. (One advantage is that it works on Windows as well as UNIX, 
and I believe the native, non-cygwin win32 port of libmcrypt/libmhash are 
no longer maintained.)

Anyways, if you're at all interested, see


It supports pretty much all of the algorithms mcrypt and mhash do, plus a 
few more. (30-some block and stream ciphers, the usual block cipher modes, 
and 17 hash/checksum algorithms altogether.)

Again, I hate the self-promotion, but as you all probably know, cryptography 
is useless unless it's been tested, studied and proven to be effective.


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